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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ladies' Choice: Favorite Products From the Hamptons

I spent last weekend with 3 of my best girlfriends at this house in the Hamptons. 2 of us have a share in the house for the summer and we started off by celebrating Belle's birthday weekend!

With four girls cramped in a room, a few favorite beauty products emerged over the weekend:

Tom Ford Estee Lauder Azuree The Body Oil, which I told you about last week, was a huge hit and used liberally by all of us. The gardenia and coconut scent is just heavenly...the only negative side effect is that we used so much that the floors in our room became slick with oil, creating a bit of slip-and-slide with our flip flops!

Rubis tweezers, Swiss exports which we decided were superior to Tweezerman (a feat we did not previously think possible). These babies will seek out even the tiniest hairs and vanquish them. And we love the "Swiss cheese" look of the perforated model.

Emjoi Optima Hair Removal System, which looks like a torture device, but is actually 36 sets of tweezers mounted on twin rotating discs. My pal Liora describes the feeling as low-grade electrocution, but if you felt how smooth her legs were after using it, you'd be a convert. I'm ordering mine today.