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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Runway Beauty: Dior Fall '06 Couture, Part 1

OK. Dior. Where to begin? John Galliano has created such an insane, weirdly beautiful, hallucinogenic gem of a collection that I would be remiss in grouping everything together in just one post. There were 4 or 5 distinct looks in this show, so I'll address them one by one. (And do check out Blogdorf Goodman for Annie's brilliant coverage of the clothes from this show!)

Look #1: The Third Crusade meets "Walk Like An Egyptian," in a sci-fi movie. Check out the chain-mail-and-chandelier inspired headdresses, the deliberately uneven bangs, and the heavy, dominant eyebrows. What's up with the melted-waxiness under the eyes? And the deliberately dead-looking taupe eye shadow? It's weird and horrible - but I kinda love it. The makeup certainly calls to mind, uh, the recently deceased, but the zombie sci fi princess thing is perfect for the wild couture collections for which we know and love John Galliano.

Just don't wear it on the street. Please.