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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Runway Beauty: Valentino Fall '06 Couture

Smoky eyes and dark lips at Valentino...again.

This is basically a more intense, shinier, less smudgy version of the makeup we saw at the Valentino Couture show last season, which brought the following criticism from me: "It smacks of an overworked ad agency exec in 1985 after a three-martini lunch that sullied her eye makeup."

This look certainly manages to improve on last season's face, with a better-defined eye, and a santiny berry lip - a step up from Spring's matte, blotted red lip. The berry shade, while darker, manages to come off as softer than the straight red.

The eyebrows are a problem, though. The way they wing out on the sides still reminds me of that nasty ad exec referenced above.

The Fall look is pretty, but overall it strikes me as too intense to be current. The strong eye and strong lip combo still reeks of 80s, and not in a good way (i.e., skinny jeans: good '80s, shoulder pads: bad '80s) . One of them - the eye or the lip - needs to be toned down for this look to work on anyone but Christina Aguilera.

On their own, though, they work. That berry lip! It (almost) makes me wish for fall to hurry up and get here so I can wear it with cool weather clothes.