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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Algebra of Baggy Eyes

What do countless hours of work, blogging and, uh, entertainment do to your undereye area? Some simple beauty math:

This may be cute look for a Shar Pei, but certainly not for your eyes.

This morning, after a day and night of too much of the aforementioned items, I awoke to some uninvited puffiness that called for an immediate response. The undereye bags had arrived. We're not even talking cute little evening purses here - these were more like overnight bags. Weekend bags, even. Suitcases.

Enter Benefit De-Puffing Action Eye Gel. This blend of chamomile, raspberry and soy promises to banish bags, erasing any evidence of last night's activities. I dabbed a little on the offending area and by the time I got around to putting on my makeup, the bags had been sent packing. Poof! Gone. Better than lying there with wet teabags on your eyes, and faster, too.

This and a little Laura Mercier Secret Brightener are all you need to fool friends and co-workers into thinking you're an angel who goes to bed at 10 every night and gets her beauty sleep. Even if they were with you at the bar at 2 am the night before when you were on your 4th lychee martini, ahem.