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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Fall Into Fall

It feels almost blasphemous to say it, but...I'm starting to wish for fall.

First off, I just can't take these sweltering temperatures any longer.

Secondly, the new makeup collections are everywhere, and they just look like autumn, calling to mind all the trappings of the season - falling leaves, and pumpkin picking, and things, any things, with cinnamon in them. Suddenly I feel the urge to climb apple trees and prowl around farmers' markets looking for that perfect ear of Indian corn. And this from a person who insists her favorite season is summer!

I am particularly enamored of the Stila fall collection, especially the two gorgeous eye shadow trios. The Stila seasonal trios are always so well-matched, and the shadows have a great texture. Cedar Grove and Forest Clove are pictured, and there's also Silver Maple (cream, silver, and slate shimmer).

The three new Lip Glazes are mouth-watering; Spiced Pumpkin, Spiced Cider, and Spiced Maple. I am a huge sucker for the Stila lip glazes and just seeing the word Spiced in each of the names is enough to - at least - send me to the Stila counter to check them out.

The Nars collection is also a standout and has been generating some beauty blogger buzz. The new Oasis blush from the collection is already in my rotation. What's your favorite new collection for the season?