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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Fragrance Tidbits

While the discovery of Red Door Velvet was certainly the fragrance find of the week, I sampled a few more scents during my travels this weekend and thought I'd share some brief musings.

  • If you're a fan of my beloved Serge Lutens Chergui but not its $92 price tag, check out L'Occitane's Amber. While not as complex as the Serge, it has the same sweet, resinous spiciness, and the mini travel size can be had for all of $16.

  • The new Marc Jacobs splashes are now available at Sephora and elsewhere. The Violet is quite pretty; very candy-like in the opening but dries down to a clean, sweet soapiness. Ivy started out green, mossy and masculine but ended up a little sour and medicinal on my skin. Honestly, the lasting power is quite lamentable but for $65 you're getting a huge bottle, so if you like them, feel free to reapply at will.

  • The Body Shop's new Neroli and Jasmine is quite pretty; I sniffed it at the register while the cashier was ringing up my Vanilla Spice Body Butter (which is gorgeous). Neroli Jasmine is feminine without being overly sweet; I think I'd especially like it in a body lotion. It's not available yet but I'll keep you posted!

  • Finally, With Love...Hilary Duff. I was so surprised by this, having been expecting yet another boring fruity floral. With Love is woodsy and warm (with just a little bit of fruit in the opening, and it's a mangosteen, which we don't see often) and far more sophisticated than what I expected. Bravo to a teen celeb who creates a fragrance not marketed to overly tarted-up preteens, and who can keep her skirt on and her boobs covered. Go Hilary!