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Friday, November 17, 2006

Black Orchid, At Last

Last week I stopped at Neiman's after work to (finally) sample the new Tom Ford Black Orchid. I'd been anxiously awaiting the release of this fragrance for weeks, months, years, oh, since birth?

Black Orchid is undoubtedly glamorous, in the Old Hollywood style evoked by both the gorgeous bottle and the advertisements featuring Julia Restoin Roitfeld (daughter of Carine). It is complex, rich, and deep - certainly a fragrance for a woman, not a girl.

Notes are black truffle, ylang ylang, bergamot, effervescent citrus, black currant, jasmine, Tom Ford black orchid, spicy floral and fruit accords, lotus wood, patchouli, incense, vetiver, vanilla, balsam and sandalwood.

I appreciate Black Orchid for its glamour, its style, its statement - but I was not compelled to buy it. I absolutely loved it for the first hour, but on the drydown it seemed to fall rather flat. After all the beauty of its initial development, all I was left with was incense + what can only be described as "choco-pineapple" (and I got quite a laugh when I read the reviews at Perfume Posse and saw that March described Black Orchid as "chocovanillapineapple").

I think my skin somehow got attached to a pineapple note in there and wouldn't let go, which was disappointing. I am going to give it another shot, though, the next time I visit Neiman's...probably this weekend!

Since everyone is talking about Black Orchid these days, I'll leave the full reviews to others - check out Perfume Posse, Now Smell This, and Bois de Jasmin.

Have you tried Black Orchid yet? What did you think?

Starting at $90, available at Neiman Marcus and elsewhere.