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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Excellent Condition

I recently read about Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-In Conditioner on Afrobella's most fabulous site, and I'd been itching to try it ever since. Now, the last time I wrote about something from Carol's Daughter some foolish person decided to inform me via email that it was an odd choice because Carol's Daughter products were not formulated for people like me.

Do not even go there.

As I understand it, the whole point behind the Carol's Daughter hair goodies is that they are for hair that tends to get very, very dry. And believe me, mine fits the bill. After years of highlighting (with BLUE BLEACH, people, BLUE, because the regular stuff they use just ends up fading out or turning orange on me), it breaks, frizzes, or splits if you even look at it funny. So just because my hair doesn't look the same as Jada Pinkett Smith's (one of CD's poster girls) doesn't mean I can't use, and love, Carol's Daughter. So there.

Now, onto the Black Vanilla. This is a lightweight leave-in conditioner that smells good enough to eat, and is composed of a blend of roses, nettles, chamomile, rosemary, sage, lavender, peppermint, blue malva, and marigolds with fragrant essential oils of black coconut and vanilla, with vodka added as a preservative. Yes, vodka!
I put a little of this on just out of the shower and it keeps my hair soft and smooth with no "poof" or wispiness (is that a word?). My hair feels thicker and smoother without being weighed down. And did I mention the smell? It is fabulous.
The product itself has a brown tinge, so I was worried that it would sully my blonde color, but I didn't notice any resulting dullness or color change.
Like Afrobella, my only gripe is that this should come in a spray bottle. Since it's thin, you'll lose quite a bit of product by pouring it into your hand and attempting to get all of it onto your hair. Transfer it to a drugstore spray bottle and don't waste any of the yummy vanilla goodness!
$10 at Carol's Daughter and select Sephora stores.