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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Welcome Home, Baby

I had been on the hunt for Chanel's new Noir Ceramic polish since I read about the typical limited edition frenzy on Blogdorf Goodman.

I scored the last bottle of Noir Ceramic at the Chanel counter at famed designer bargain mecca Century 21 in Brooklyn (the cosmetics aren't discounted, but for every $100 you spend, you get a $10 coupon for use anywhere in the store).

The next day I strolled by the Chanel counter at Bloomingdale's in Roosevelt Field and scooped up the last 2 bottles there. These will be extra Christmas "candy" for two of my lucky friends.

I love the little thrill you get when you know you're grabbing the very last of a limited edition item. The satisfaction feels slightly mischievous.

Noir Ceramic is a deep charcoal color with tiny (and I mean tiny) flecks of blue-white shimmer. It looks quite like the slightly flecked finish of a piece of, well...black ceramic.

I love it. With a topcoat of Sally Hansen Diamond Shine (my all time favorite), my nails look like little shiny black gems.

So tell me...is this a must have for you? Have you been struck with the limited edition fever? If so, have you been able to score yourself a bottle? Discuss, discuss.