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Monday, December 04, 2006

When Caffeine Just Isn't Enough

I love my Diet Coke in the morning, friends. It seems a lot of people find this weird, but I think Diet Coke is more refreshing than hot coffee, with the same wake-up effect. I cannot start my day without it. In fact, my boss J. is the same way and by noon, the office is littered with Diet Coke cans.

But sometimes the caffeine just isn't enough, and you have to start the wake-up process in the shower. This is why I love Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo. The delicious herbal mintiness is just so refreshing and energizing, whether it's just after waking up, or a workout, or a long day in a dirty city. Rosemary Mint even makes my scalp feel all energetic and clean and AWAKE.

This shampoo is fab for normal/fine hair and won't dry it out or strip it, even in the colder months. Its performance is more than adequate, but for me, it's worth it for the scent and the tingliness alone.

I wish I could say the same about the conditioner, though. The consistency reminds me a bit of thinned-out Elmer's Glue, and I swear I detect a bit of a gluey aroma under the mint. It never seems to rinse out of my hair, and ends up leaving it a tad sticky and hard to manage.

So instead, I like to pair my Rosemary Mint shampoo with Sleek.Look conditioner from Matrix. The scents don't "match," but the Sleek.Look has something similarly energizing about it, and is a far better conditioner than the Aveda.

Now wake up and smell the coffee...er, the Diet Coke.