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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Think Spring, and Think Pink

It's 14 degrees F here in NYC today, so it seems as good a day as any to talk Spring, no?

And the perfect ambassadors for spring are these adorable compacts from Clinique's Fresh Bloom spring collection.

Fresh Bloom Allover Color comes in four limited edition shades, each with 3 colors pressed in a pattern even prettier than last season's Pink Chocolates Shimmering Tones compact. The powder has a bit of very fine shimmer to it, not as much as the Shimmering Tones, just enough to give it a fresh, pretty satin finish.

I'm loving Peony for a pretty pink blush. Swirl the colors together and apply with a big brush, or pick and choose from the 3 varying shades. The darkest (center of the flower) are particularly well suited for use as eyeliner - try them with a drop of Paula Dorf TransFormer to turn them into a long lasting liquid.

More from the Fresh Bloom collection this week, especially if this frigid weather continues!