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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

May is Fake Bake Month at Beauty Addict!

First off, apologies for the short hiatus. I jetted off to London for an impromptu weekend vacation, or, shall I say, minibreak! Now that I've escaped the wallet-draining clutches of the numerous Boots beauty locations I encountered all over London, it's time to get back down to business.

In honor of the impending summer, I am officially declaring May as Fake Bake Month here at Beauty Addict!

Every day will feature self tanner reviews, information, or how-tos. Thank you so much for all the recommendations you shared in the last post about tanners! I've been testing out dozens - including many of the ones you recommended - and will share the results all throughout the month. I've also devised categories and a rating system to make it easy for you to pick your perfect tan.

As for those of you who prefer to remain pale, or are already blessed with golden hued skin, your regularly scheduled Beauty Addict content will keep on rolling out, interspersed among the "glow" posts.

Stay tuned! And if you have more suggestions, keep 'em coming!