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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

SanjayaWatch: His Name was Rico...

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My apologies to my readers outside the US or those non-Idol watchers, but I have become eerily fascinated with musically challenged contestant Sanjaya Malakar's hair. Last week it was the Seven Ponytail Mohawk, and now we have this slick crooner 'do with the side part. Combined with the white suit, he looks like a kiddie version of Rico from Barry Manilow's classic "Copacabana."

So what do we guess he's using in his hair this time? (Last week I guessed pipe cleaners, Turtle Wax, and Elnett.)

This week's products: Brylcreem, Vitalis, Sunsilk Anti-Poof. And Elnett.

Now, in case there are any Fanjayas lurking here, I am not trying to be mean. I am just utterly fascinated, and I reserve the right to have this unhealthy obsession with his hair. Because after all, it IS beauty related. Fanjayas may just want to skip to other posts.

Let's see how long he sticks around and what other bizarro hairstyles he trots out! I think he'll be around for at least another week, because Haley was utterly atrocious tonight and really needs to go home.