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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Bridal Beauty: Bobbi Brown Bridal Face Palette

As many of you know, my best friend T is getting married next spring. As her maid of honor, I've been flipping through countless bridal magazines, and now have my eye trained on bridal beauty. So, this summer I'll be featuring some fab finds for brides-to-be and anyone who has a big day coming up!

Just so you know...I'm NOT the expert on how to find a good makeup artist or hairstylist for your wedding. But, I can share the best of the best in beauty products for your big day!

First up: Bobbi Brown's new Bridal Face Palette. This white mirrored compact includes the following shades:

- Eye shadows in White, Petal Shimmer, and Smoke
- French Pink Blush
- Posey Shimmer Lip Gloss
- two Lip Colors (Tulle and Slopes)

I think it's perfect for creating a rosy, romantic face. Even if you're getting your makeup done professionally, ask your trusty maid of honor to tote this along for touchups during the night. I might even pick one up for myself, brides be damned - I love the trio of shadows, and Slopes is a classic favorite lip color.

Note: Legally Blonde has been running on TBS constantly these days, so every time I'm dealing with wedding stuff, this classic Elle Woods quote gets stuck in my head:

"He's proposing. I can't look like I would on any other date. This is THE date-- the night I'll always remember. I want to look special. BRIDAL."