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Thursday, August 30, 2007

For the Locals

During my stint as the "one-armed bandit," I had to rely on others quite a bit for regular maintenance activities like washing and styling my hair, and keeping my nails shiny and polished. A quick swipe of Ballet Slippers on the fingers used to be a breeze, but when my right arm was in a cast up to my elbow it became a bit of a challenge!

So for all of you who live in the Brooklyn, NY area, here's my personal "little black book" for hair and nails. They're all small, local places, so don't be expecting Sally Hershberger here!

I've been getting my hair cut and highlighted by Karen at Salon Van Zachary (3140 Avenue U, 718.891.5771) for over 10 years, and I'm fiercely loyal to her. She's the only one who understands my weird hair that doesn't want to hold onto color, its tendency to get frizzy even in the absence of humidity, and the annoying cowlick at my hairline.

Loni at the same salon does the Best. Shampoos. Ever. Your hair will stay clean for like a week. Seriously, I feel guilty washing it myself the next time and wasting a good Loni wash.

For a good blowout when I couldn't wash my own hair and couldn't really drive over to Van Zachary, I walked around the corner from my apartment to Bruno Salon and Spa (6911 Shore Road, 718.921.0736). Here, my hair was blown out with bangs styled to Nicole Richie-esque sideswept perfection by Nancy (the photo above was taken after said blowout, oh and by the way, that is a 100% NO MAKEUP PHOTO!).

As for nails...well, here's another story of extreme loyalty. My mom has been going to Jane for mani/pedis since I was a preschooler, and has followed her around to various salons all over Brooklyn. She's now my manicurist of choice as well, and you can find her at Bay Studio (165 West End Avenue, 718.769.2277). Jane's manicures are fab, but it's her pedicures that keep me coming back for more. My feet feel like baby's feet when I leave there. After a Jane pedicure, there won't be even a suggestion of a piece of skin, callus, nail, or cuticle out of place. She is THOROUGH.

So if you live in the area, give my favorites a try, and tell them the Beauty Addict sent you!