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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Evangeline Lilly Puts Lipstick on the Pig

Evangeline Lilly Beautifies Jimmy Kimmel with CARGO LipstickOk, so maybe Jimmy Kimmel isn't really a pig, but I couldn't resist using the expression!

This clip is a couple of months old but when I saw it I laughed so hard that I'd been wanting to post it ever since. Lost star Evangeline Lilly was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel and after the requisite Lost chat, Jimmy whipped out a tube of the lipstick Evangeline created for CARGO's PlantLove line.

Evangeline explained her inspiration for the sheer coral cream lippie - her mother's classic lipsticks, creamy, full coverage, and bursting with color.

This was all well and good until Evie started putting the lipstick on Jimmy! If you watch the clip below it starts around the 5-minute mark. Doesn't he look lovely? Work it Jimmy!

About PlantLove:
Environmentally friendly CARGO PlantLove lipsticks are housed in biodegradable tubes made entirely out of corn. Plus, the boxes they come in are made from flower paper embedded with real flower seeds. So once you take a tube home, you can plant the box and see what grows! Even better, CARGO donates two dollars from the sale of every shade to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.