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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fusion on Fire

I've complained more than a few times about the prices of Fusion Beauty products. While they have some really innovative formulas, I just don't think the prices are competitive. Well, it seems I'm not the only one who felt that way, because now some of the Fusion goodies are available at Sephora with special pricing! So if you've been wavering on whether to try them out, now's the time - these sets are only around for a limited time only.

The Plumped Up Color Set includes full sizes of LipFusion Color Shine in peachy nude Fresh and sweet pink Kiss. As I've said before, LipFusion really does work, and the colored versions are versatile and pretty. Wear them alone, or layer over lipstick for more intense color. Sold separately these two glosses would set you back $76, but you can snap them up in this set for $52.

The Total Lift set includes $229 worth of skincare for $179, which is a pretty nice break at price points like these. You get the 1.7 oz LiftFusion Transdermal Face Lift and 0.5 oz Eye Lift as a set. Unfortunately, LiftFusion gives me a rash (thanks a lot, sensitive skin), but I've heard raves about it from pretty much everyone else!

The Full Out Pout set in Glow/Buff gets you a full size LipFusion Color Shine in Glow and LipFusion Lip Plumping Pencil in Buff, a $66 value, for $49. These deep dusty rose shades coordinate perfectly. I like the Plumping Pencil used as both a soft liner and a "lip gloss crayon." If peachy nude is more your style, pick up the same set in Fresh/Pout.

Perfect Glow combines Fusion's self tanning products, GlowFusion Micro-Nutrient Face & Body Natural Protein Tan and the corresponding Enhancing Emulsion. When these made their debut, the marketing professional in me immediately noted what I considered egregious price inflation and outrageous claims. But now some of the hype has died down, so I hope you (my savvy readers) will realize that you're getting a self tanner that indeed uses the same active ingredient (DHA) as all others. It isn't a miracle product, but it DOES work...and it helps that it goes on evenly and has minimal DHA reek. The Enhancing Emulsion works by delivering a small dose of DHA along with moisturizing ingredients to keep your tan fresh.

At their regular prices, I'd pass, but this special pricing is rather attractive. You can score both products for $68, while you'd pay $98 for them separately. Available in Light or Medium.