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Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Multiple Orgasm


But seriously, friends - if I put a dash in there and said "The Multiple - Orgasm," it would probably make a bit more sense in a beauty context.

Get it now? First the award-winning blush, then the matching lip gloss, and now a Multiple. That's right, NARS' most famous color will soon make its debut in stick form, ready to prettify your eyes, cheeks and lips in one easy swipe.

I spotted the sign on the NARS display at Sephora a few days ago - "COMING SOON - THE MULTIPLE - ORGASM." (Oh boy, even more double entendre in that one.)

It must be true, right? Not just some cruel joke by a Sephora employee with a naughty mind? Can't find any info on the website yet, but I'm on the lookout. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Julia from All About the Pretty has located it on the Sephora website! Here's the link:

The Multiple - Orgasm