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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Runway Beauty: Backstage at Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang was my first show of the week, and what a show! Wang's bread-and-butter is the "Model Off Duty," and the clothes were relaxed and very downtown, a bit of a throwback to 90s-era grunge.

Drawing upon Wang's 90s inspiration, Bumble & bumble key hairstylist Laurent created a loose, wavy look he described as "the science of faking nature" (love that!). He used Bb Surf Spray to mattify and thicken, and a curling iron for a slight wave if needed. He finished by breaking everything up with just a touch of styling wax and then adding a fine mist of Bb Hair Powder for a dry, matte look.

Makeup artist Dick Page used Shiseido products to create a "very fresh, very natural" look. This was the first time I'd seen Dick work backstage and it was terrific! He has such a fun personality and a laid-back attitude...and he gives great quotes, which you'll see throughout the week.

Dick described the downtown grunge look as "a little rough...if it goes south, it doesn't matter." Eyes were smudgy taupe, created by layering NEW Hydro Powder Eye Shadow in Lemon Sugar (launching in a few months), brown eyeliner, and Accentuating Color Stick in a bronzy hue.

For cheeks, "some girls got bronze, some got rose," depending on their skin tone. A beige pink lip gloss (Shiseido G26) was used to create a natural, unfussy, but pretty mouth.

So how did Dick handle makeup on 32 models and not break a sweat? Well, according to him, "I've been doing this since God was a boy!"