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Friday, October 12, 2007

Bridal Beauty: Runaway Bride by Foot Petals

I spotted this ingenious kit from Foot Petals and immediately picked one up to stash in my friend T's wedding emergency bag! (Hey, I'm the maid of honor, these things are my job.)

The Runaway Bride set includes everything a bride needs to prevent slippage, skidding, and blisters while walking down the aisle, greeting guests, and dancing the night away. There's even a pair of soft, comfy socks for relaxing afterward (or under the table!). The details:

  • Tip Toes - ball-of-foot cushions that stop your feet from sliding forward and prevent the dreaded "overhang" and "toe scrunch"

  • Heavenly Heelz - blister-preventing cushions for your heels that can also be used on the inside top of a mule or slide to banish friction and blistering

  • Strappy Strips - thin strips that keep slingbacks in place, ankle straps from slipping downward, and strappy sandals from causing blisters and redness

  • Killer Kushionz - full-length insoles that are discreet and narrow enough to wear even with sandals and open toe shoes

  • Sole Stopperz - grippy pads for your outer soles, that keep you from sliding across slippery church altars, marble steps, or newly polished dance floors. The set comes with 2 pairs of these, so the maid of honor can conveniently steal a pair :)

  • Petal Plusheez - super soft spa socks to relieve tired, all-danced-out feet!