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Sunday, October 14, 2007

MAXalicious is Delicious

I first spotted Max Factor MAXalicious Glaze lip gloss at a rather crappy party last month, and I must admit that I picked up the tube out of spite rather than interest.

I was with my partner in crime, Rachel from Stylebites, and as we were nearing the door we spotted a waitress-type person with a tray full of MAXalicious Glaze in Secret Rendezvous (from the "Naughty" collection). We each grabbed a gloss, and I turned to Rachel and said, "Rachel, we are taking these lippies and we are LEAVING."

We ended up spending the evening at Geisha with Bag Snob Tina Craig, which was far better than that party, but I completely forgot about the MAXalicious gloss in my bag.

Well, I'm glad I rediscovered it, because it might just be the perfect berry gloss for fall.

Secret Rendezvous is a medium berry red with a fine shimmer; it's very shiny, thick, and far more pigmented than I would have expected. Just a little swipe of it practically stains your lips, so even when the glossiness has worn off, the color has excellent staying power. A light application close to the center of your lip gives a gorgeous "bitten" look, while a full-out coating is dramatic and deep.

It's almost too much for my pale skin, so I've taken to dabbing it on lightly with my finger and evening out the edges with a little lipliner. I love the look; it gives a beautiful berry lip without the heaviness or full coverage of a lipstick.

And the post title isn't for nothing...this MAXalicious gloss really is delicious. It smells of chocolate and caramel, so yummy!

MAXalicious comes in 11 other shades and I've heard that they all have a different scent, so I think I'll have to pick a few more up. And next time I won't foolishly let them sit in my bag for weeks!