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Thursday, October 04, 2007

The "Pampered" Mama: Paul Mitchell The Detangler

Welcome to the The "Pampered" Mama on Beauty Addict! This is Lesli's first post, so let's give her a warm welcome!

So, my friend K asked me to write about some products that have helped me in my quest as a young hot mom. I am flattered she thinks of me as such, since I will kindly call myself a late bloomer, yet she will tell you my makeup was hideous and almost jumped for joy when I did my first MAC makeover.

I will start first with my cannot-live-without hair product: THE Detangler by Paul Mitchell. I know when everyone hears Paul Mitchell, they think big 80s hair and Awapuhi hair spray! (At least I do.) I also have to say I was desperate for ANYTHING that would promise to take all of the knots out of my super long hair. So, I tried it, praying for the best. At about $12 per bottle, it isn't the cheapest product on the market, but even with my super long hair,a large quarter sized dollop did the trick! What I truly love about this product is that it doesn't weigh my hair down or make the roots feel greasy. (A bonus for the limited drying/styling time I have.)

It would have to be my number one recommendation since it has prevented me from having Britney-like meltdowns and shaving my head! (I feel terrible for the fact that she lost custody of those 2 beautiful boys, but maybe this will force her to grow up and accept responsibility for her life. My thoughts are with her because as a mother, I could not imagine losing my son for any reason.)

Next time, if I don't get the axe that is, how to give yourself a manicure while making dinner during a nap...