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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Seche Vite: A Mom on the Go's MUST HAVE!

by Lesli, the "Pampered" Mama

I have recently allowed my nails to grow, so now I am really into manicures and nail polish. (To be honest, I have bitten my nails for years, and have finally overcome this bad habit!) So, how do you make time for a manicure, much less the drying time so it's not ruined in 1 second? EASY! Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

I learned about this first from my mother, who always had nice nails, and she swore by this product so she didn't have to sit waiting for her nails to dry either at home or at the salon. This is one of the many tips I never took heed of while she was alive. I guess that's what happens when you lose someone so young.

The product works best when you apply a thick coat on top of wet nails. When you are at the salon, you can sit under the dryer for just a couple minutes and not worry about smudging when you leave. If you are giving yourself a manicure at home, my recommendation is to give time between the first coat and second coat of polish, then apply the Seche Vite and relax for a couple of minutes. If you feel pressured, put your hairdryer on COLD, because it seals the top layer, allowing you to get on with making dinner or getting to that practice. (Just an aside about the color Russian Navy and OPI in general, the bottle comes with a wide brush as do a lot of their new fall colors, which allows even the busiest of moms to do one coat of polish and the Seche Vite and go if you are jammed!)

Next time, I will talk about what I found at Sephora when I got a day off last week!