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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Plant Lavender By Your Garden Gate

First off, can you name the movie from which I stole the post title? This one's a toughie.

Secondly, I'm not even going to respond to the recent comments about my absence (see comments on the last post, people can get so wound up, it amazes me). But I will say that I was away from home for a few days, and when I finally walked through my front door I was greeted by the most lovely lavender scent, enough to make me forget all about my various stresses and nasty case of jet lag.

The source of this most divine aroma? Archipelago Botanicals Home Fragrance Diffuser in Lavande. I had set out this beauty in my bedroom before I left (can you believe I'd had it in my closet for months, unopened and un-written-about? Terrible), and then promptly forgot about it during my frenzy of packing and prepping.

The diffuser is one of those bottle-with-wooden-sticks types, for which I have quite the soft spot (remember my obsession over the Marc Jacobs Home diffuser?). At $58 it isn't your cheapest home fragrance option, but you're getting a MASSIVE bottle for the price - 15.6 oz of scent heaven!

I've tried many of these diffusers and this one is by far the best; it's not cloying or overpowering, but the scent managed to travel to all corners of my apartment, even the kitchen! (Granted, I live in a one-bedroom NY apartment, but you get the idea.)

I'm kicking myself for letting this one sit unopened in my beauty closet for so long. Now I'm wishing for a bigger apartment so I could try out more than one scent at a time! In addition to the lovely Lavande, the Archipelago diffuser comes in 18 other fab scents, from Amber to Tangelo to Wisteria.

(NB, the photo is of the Lemongrass variety; Lavande looks the same save for a lavender-hued label and juice.)