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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beauty by Numbers: A Candidate to Dye For

UPDATE: I changed the picture because the comments on this post were getting way too off-topic. This post isn't about Hillary Clinton (aside from the fact that her candidacy likely skewed the perception of what hair color our first woman president would have). It isn't about my political views, or yours for that matter. So let's all stay on topic and discuss hair color. Thanks!

In a recent survey, Clairol asked 1,000 women about their perceptions of haircolor and the results say some interesting things not only about "who has more fun," but our political climate as well!

In 2002, 76 percent of women believed the first female president would be a brunette. But in 2007 (given the current political landscape), the results were split between blonde (32 percent) and brunette (31 percent), despite the fact that brunettes were voted the serious, trustworthy and confident haircolors.

Some other interesting results from the survey:

  • 76% of women believe brunette is the best hair color for making a good impression on an interview. Blonde came in second (12%) and red last (3%).

  • 67% of women said if they were a CEO and could hire only one person based on their hair color, they would hire a brunette. 13% of women chose redheads and 8% chose blondes.

  • More than half of women polled said blonde is the hair color men find sexiest on a woman.

  • Half of women surveyed also chose blonde as the most seductive hair color.

  • Blondes still have more fun…More than half of women surveyed reported that they believe blonde is the most fun-loving hair color.

  • More than three quarters of women surveyed said they associate brunettes with being the most serious. 56% also reported that brunette signals the most confidence.

  • 77% of respondents said that a brunette doctor would appear the most trustworthy to them. 72% of women find brunette to also be the most trustworthy hair color in general.

  • Redheads were voted most intimidating by half of respondents.

  • The majority of women surveyed said that if they could change their hair color for a day, they would choose to go red.

So, blondes are fun and sexy, but they make crappy CEOs and shady surgeons? And if redheads are the most intimidating, why not have them as the CEOs? Their powerful gaze and fiery hair would force all their male underlings into submission. Hehe.

What do you think of these survey results? Do you agree or disagree with the majority, and why? Post your thoughts in the comments!