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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Escape to Capri With a Little Help from Michael Kors

Winter has truly arrived here in New York (it was a truly awful 20 degrees over the weekend), and one of the few things that consoles me is that I've been test-driving some very summery scented goodies from Michael Kors.

Island Capri is the third limited edition flanker in the Island series (following Island Fiji andIsland Hawaii, which was one of my top picks for "beachy scents" last summer). All of them are housed in the squat, ice-cube-esque bottle of original Island, with a different tint for each edition.

Island Capri is a blend of Orange Bigarade, Bergamot, Violet de Parma, Dark Fig, Olive Tree Accord, and White Moss. In its Eau de Parfum form it's a little too aquatic for my taste, but if you're into aquatic white florals you're going to love it. It's crisp, fresh, and very, very summery.

The scent is nice, but for me it's absolutely eclipsed by the matching Refreshing Body Gelee, which is more citrusy and less floral than the Eau de Parfum. I love gel-based moisturizers during the summer months - they're smooth, light and cooling. This one is going to be a must-have for me on my next warm weather vacation, or as soon as warmer breezes decide to make their return to the East Coast.

There's also a sheer bright pink shimmer lip gloss scented with sparkling orange, fresh rose petals and rich dark fig. The gloss has a really nice texture and smells great - but the scent doesn't really capture Island Capri, to me it smells more like the way dolls smell (does this make sense to anyone? I hope so!). This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it's a really nice gloss and perhaps a lip product shouldn't smell exactly like the perfume.

Overall the Island Capri line is a nice escape from this winter weather, and I can't wait to use these goodies when the weather is actually warm (especially that Body Gelee, which is excellent). Have you sniffed this one yet? Post your thoughts in the comments!