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Friday, February 22, 2008

Dreaming of Peach, Freesia and Hibiscus

I feel the need to begin this post by telling you that I never thought I'd be writing about a Tommy Hilfiger fragrance. When I was a teenager, my high school boyfriend and I were a perfectly matched preppy pair...he wore Gap and Abercrombie clothes and Tommy for men, and I wore polos, grosgrain belts, and Tommy Girl. Religiously.

I still wear the polos and the grosgrain belts on occasion, but I jettisoned the Tommy Girl years ago in favor of more sophisticated scents - none from Tommy Hilfiger. It seemed that every subsequent release from the house skewed too young for me, including True Star, which I hated. So I wasn't expecting much when I tested out the latest, Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger.

Ah, but Dreaming is targeting me specifically, I see. While Tommy Girl was created "for a younger girl who wanted to express her declaration of independence," Dreaming is intended to appeal to her "more grown-up counterpart." And it does! Dreaming is much more sophisticated than Tommy Girl, and frankly more so than I was expecting. It's a fruity floral, but not of the sickeningly sweet variety. The fruit never gets too sweet and the florals don't overpower; it's just clean and pretty.

Dreaming still maintains a youthful quality, which would make it a great choice for a girl in that transition phase between Love's Baby Soft and Chanel No. 5. My pal Annie at Blogdorf Goodman felt the same way and gifted a bottle to her young cousin. Similarly, I had been intending to pass my bottle along to my cousin B, who is 14 and appreciates a good fragrance. But, I actually find myself liking it too much to give away (sorry B...you already got Love Bird and several others).

Notes include peach, freesia, tuberose, white hibiscus, white woods, and orris. Whether you loved the past Tommy Hilfiger fragrances or shunned them, I urge you to give Dreaming a whirl. It was a pleasant surprise for me!

The fragrance launches this month and my pick of the collection is, of course, the limited edition lipgloss/rollerball duo ($20). The gloss is a sheer cherry color scented with peach and berry, and you know how much I love rollerball fragrances.