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Sunday, February 03, 2008

The Glitz! The Glamour! The Charmin!

Wanna see some bona fide Fashion Week swag? Peroni and Dan Klores Communications sent me this Fashion Week Survival Kit which, while certainly not as glamorous as a trip to Paris or a Chanel bag (ha ha), is a thousand times more useful.

After four seasons at Fashion Week I have come to realize that the true essentials are not fresh lip gloss and an amazing YSL bag, but more mundane things like Advil, Visine, Kleenex, mints, a nail file, and Airborne. Especially in February, and especially in New York.

All of these items and more are packed into this ingenious Survival Kit (they even included a mini Febreze, a tube of pain relief cream, and a tampon). There was a Clif bar in there too, but I ate it.

I had long considered writing a post about what a "citizen journalist" (i.e., not someone who has a limo at her disposal) needs to have in her bag at Fashion Week, but there's really no need now. Just click on the picture to enlarge it and that's everything you need to know!

Thanks to Peroni and Dan Klores for getting it right.