Marie Claire March 2008: Jessica Alba - Beauty Addict

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Marie Claire March 2008: Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba's March Marie Claire cover is eons better than her last appearance, on the cover of Elle's February issue.

I wish my skin could look like this every day. It's just gorgeous.

The colors of this cover reflect the trends we saw all over the runway last season, especially the grey. The whole thing - the colors, the dress, the pose - just screams couture to me, and I love it!

(Not as much as that Chloe Sevigny cover, but I love it still.)

This will be the last cover I run before the March Favorite Cover poll. There was a Naomi Watts cover that I thought was rather bland, and Rihanna's Cosmopolitan cover which was beyond I think we've had enough. Check back Tuesday morning for the poll, and vote for your favorite!