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Monday, February 04, 2008

Runway Beauty: Backstage at Tuleh

Bryan Bradley showed MAC artist Polly Osmond a photo of Charlotte Rampling as inspiration for the Tuleh Fall/Winter '08 show. To go along with the collection, which was "rich in texture and color," Osmond created a shimmering chocolate and gold eye using MAC Pigments (a product I have only recently learned how to use...finally).

Osmond used metallic Pigments in shades of light gold, rose gold, bronze, and chocolate in a gradient across the eye, beginning with the lightest gold in the inner corner and getting progressively deeper toward the outer edge. The darkest shade, Antique Copper, is new for Fall (Pigment addicts, take note!).

The lip was a toffee lipstick (MAC 4N) topped with a sheer nude gloss (MAC 2N Lipglass). Lots of black mascara coated both top and bottom lashes, and cheeks were given some natural shading, keeping the main focus on the eye.

To get the look:

  • MAC Pigments in varying shades of gold, rose gold, bronze and chocolate (look out for new Antique Copper)

  • Black mascara

  • Shaded cheeks

  • MAC 4N Lipstick

  • MAC 2N Lipglass