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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Spy Who Loved Me

DuWop's latest, Doubleglow7, is an illuminating "face balm" meant to be worn under, over, or instead of foundation, to give skin a glowy, radiant look.

It is a gateway drug for shimmer virgins. There are no large glitter particles, just a pearly, luminous swirl, and the peachy-pink color won't look garish or overly noticeable. Let's take a look at the various uses that DuWop recommends...

Under Foundation: DuWop says you can use Doubleglow7 as a primer, but I find it to be a tad too shimmery for this purpose. I would especially caution anyone with dark skin against this because, while sheer, this product is light in color and might make you look like a holographic ghost if used all over the face. However, I know there are many of you out there who like a "luminizing" primer, so this might be right up your alley.

I really like it under foundation when placed strategically; a little bit on cheeks gives you a subtle, "lit from within" glow when foundation or tinted moisturizer is applied on top. And it works wonders underneath concealer on those undereye circles! (Kind of like Touche Eclat, but in solid form.)

Over Foundation: This is my preferred use for doubleglow7; it makes an amazing, subtle highlighter. It's not greasy, so it won't smear, migrate or ruin your other makeup. A little bit on cheekbones, browbones, inner corners of eyes, and cupid's bow/philtrum does wonders (and it WILL work on darker skintones when used this way).

Instead of Foundation: This I wouldn't recommend unless you weren't planning to wear foundation in the first place. It's not really meant to provide coverage, and while it's sheer, it only comes in one shade.

Bottom line, doubleglow7 performs incredibly well as a highlighter - whether used under or over makeup. It's easier to control than liquid shimmers, won't settle into creases like creamier formulas, and won't scatter glitter all over your face like a powder. This spy can love me anytime!

(Oh, and if you're wondering where the "7" comes from, it stands for the 7 key ingredients in the product: jojoba, aloe vera, vitamin A, vitamin E, lily extract, illuminating pearls, and vitamin F.)