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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Worst of Oscar Beauty

Since most everyone played it safe at this year's Academy Awards, major beauty missteps were few and far between. However, these five women still make my worst list for one reason or another. Only one really has to do with makeup, though. Of the others, one concerns posture, two concern hair, and one relates to behavior. Can you guess who's who?

Let's start with Ellen Page. She's a cute girl and a talented actress. Someone needs to tell her that good posture is always your best accessory. She looks uncomfortable and frumpy in whatever she wears. Head up, shoulders back, Ellen!

Tilda Swinton. Oh man. While I admire her gusto for venturing out on the red carpet with a nearly-bare face, I just can't abide the lack of mascara. Women with super-fair eyelashes just can't do this look. I know, because I am one of them. My lashes are blonde and look like absolutely nothing without mascara. Even the lightest coat of brown lash tint would have done Tilda a favor here. Everyone's saying she looks eerily like Eric Stoltz, and it's true.

Renee Zellweger has been sucking on lemons again, and apparently she has decided to copy Moe from the Three Stooges' haircut.

Calista Flockhart and the hotness that is Harrison Ford both hit the carpet with awful hair. Harrison was sporting an overgrown Caesar, and Calista's hair made her look like she was in costume for My Awesome '80s Prom.

Diablo Cody. I told you one of these was going to be about behavior, right? I'm sure you've heard by now that Diablo was supposed to wear the $1 million Stuart Weitzman shoes. However, a few days before the Oscars she blogged about not going through with it:

"They're using me to publicize their stupid shoes and NOBODY ASKED ME. I would never consent to a lame publicity stunt at a time when I already want to hide. I'm sorry if I sound like a party-pooper, but Jeebus."

Now check out Stuart Weitzman's response (emphasis mine):

"This year - more so than in any previous year - the lady who was given the opportunity to wear it was quite involved in the design process. Diablo Cody sent me examples of the type of shoes she liked and actually did the final selection herself...She chose to adorn the shoes with medium-sized diamond roses from three different sizes offered to her. Why she seems to be so surprised as to the attention being paid to her and these shoes, I cannot answer."

Oh snap! So she was in on it the whole time. "Nobody asked me?" Right. OK Diablo, if you don't want to wear the million dollar shoes, fine. But if the idea is so offensive to you, why get involved in the first place?

[via I Don't Like You in That Way]