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Saturday, February 09, 2008

You Say You Want A Revolotion

With the plethora of beauty goodies that grace the pages of this blog every day (over 1,000 posts now!), there are some products that are truly worth revisiting every so often. It looks like I have a number of new readers these days, so how about an re-introduction to one of my all time favorite "Holy Grail" products?

I first discovered a tinted moisturizer called DuWop Revolotion Face in an event gift bag nearly two years ago. At the time, I had never worn anything on my face save for concealer, a speck of powder, and the occasional bronzer. I was ready to pass along the tube to a friend, but decided to give it a whirl anyway...and now I haven't been able to live without it.

Revolotion Face provides just enough coverage to even out skin without looking like makeup. It has a great texture, stays on all day, and provides SPF 15 protection from UVA/UVB rays thanks to part-avobenzone sunscreen. The finish is truly "satin matte" as indicated in the product description; it's dewy and fresh without being too shiny. My shade is Tara, which is a bit darker than my actual skin tone (I know this is considered a no-no, but since I faux tan my body, the face has to match!). My only nitpick is that it tends to separate after a couple of months, but I'm usually at the end of the tube by that time, anyway (and if it becomes a problem, just shake or smush the tube before using).

But the real problem is that it can be hard to find. Only certain Sephoras carry it, and it seems to disappear and reappear without warning. When my last tube ran out, I was too lazy to hunt another one down and I kept forgetting to order it online, so I grabbed whatever was in my closet. This was a mistake - this new one was too orange, required entirely too much blending, and felt gross by the end of the day (it was this one from Biotherm, which appears to have been discontinued).

I finally came across a tube of my beloved Revolotion Face at the Sephora in Times Square, and I can't believe I'd been living without it for so long (it was only a couple of weeks, but it sure felt like forever).

One thing to keep in mind: Sephora only carries six of the eight available shades, omitting, of course, the lightest (Nanci) and the darkest (Lauren). and eLuxury carry them all.