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Monday, March 03, 2008

Control Your Scalp!

The quest for a good dry shampoo/"hair refresher" seems endless, doesn't it? The Pampered Mama tried Oscar Blandi's and hated it, and while I love Fekkai Wash 'n Wear Hair Refresher, it seems to disappear from shelves at the end of every summer (and I'm never sure it's coming back, so I hoard it).

Biolage Scalptherapie Oil Control Treatment is new to the market, and it is kicking ass and taking names. Seriously. This minty spray absorbs excess oils on your scalp and at the roots, leaving your hair feeling clean and, well, not so flat.

Biolage Oil Control Treatment isn't a dry powder shampoo like the aforementioned Oscar Blandi; it has a water and glycerine base. I tried it on second-day hair, spritzing it on my roots and brushing it through after it had dried. Love the elongated nozzle - it makes it easy to target your roots!

After spraying and brushing through, my hair had more body and felt considerably less greasy at the roots. The spray didn't leave any additional buildup on my hair, and it didn't take on that powdery "crunch" of some dry shampoo/refresher products. In fact, it felt like there was less product in it than before. Plus, it smelled fab, like spearmint and pears.

It is possible to overdo it with this product, though, and negate its degreasing effects by using too much. Honestly, the minty smell is so addictive, you'll probably be jonesing to spray some in every five minutes! Just experiment with a couple of sprays at first and see how much you need. Then just step away. Step away from the bottle!

I'll be keeping a bottle of this in my office drawer for a quick refresher before heading out for the evening, and one in my bathroom for rushed mornings. This one is definitely a winner!