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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Embrace a Closer Shave

Razors get more and more high-tech every year, don't you think? Moisturizing strips, pivoting heads, multiple blades...there's some new doo-dad with every release. I'm just waiting for the automatic 16-blade robot shaving system that shaves my legs for me.

But until then, I can certainly make do with the Venus Embrace, Gillette's latest razor to hit the shelves. I had been using the Venus Vibrance (the battery-powered one) but when the battery died I was way too lazy to change it, so I was happy to give this new one a whirl.

The Venus Embrace uses five flexible blades to catch every last little bit of stubble, resulting in an incredibly close shave. I had fewer problems around bony areas like knees and ankles than with most of the razors I'd used before, despite the larger size of the head. At the risk of lopping off a chunk of my finger (which, yep, I've done before with a razor), I poked around at the blades to check out what was going on. They really are pretty flexible!

The Embrace's handle is soft, grippy gel, making it lightweight and easy to hold. And it comes with a suction cup "ShowerPod" that holds refills (I haven't used it in my shower, so I can't vouch for the efficacy of the suction cups, but I know many of you like to store your razors this way).

I also tested out a new variety of shave gel that's being launched alongside the Embrace. Satin Care Alluring Avocado uses avocado oil to soften your legs but, mercifully, doesn't smell like its namesake (you wouldn't want your legs to smell like guacamole, would you?). I pegged the scent as pear, but the back of the can tells me it's jasmine and aloe. Whoops! Many of you know that I'm just not a fan of these types of products to begin with - I prefer shaving oils or even a good hair conditioner - but as far as foamy shave gels go, this one smells pretty and works well.