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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh Well, A Touch of Grey, Kinda Suits You Anyway...

A couple of weeks ago I was touching up my makeup in the office bathroom when I caught a strange glint in my reflection. What's this? Could it be? It can't be...but...no way to deny it, really...

It was a GREY HAIR.

Horrors! I made quick work of plucking it and hurried back to my desk, offending strand clutched in my fist. Why was this happening? I'm turning 27 in May, I shouldn't have grey hairs yet. Were there more? Why hadn't I noticed yet?

Back at my desk, I examined my little specimen. Maybe it was just a freak platinum blonde strand, I told myself. But then I touched it and it felt...coarser than my regular hair. Not normal.

I examined the length. Aha! It was about as long as the hair growth I'd had since my wrist surgery last summer. Perhaps the stress of the injury and surgery was responsible for this accursed strand? I consoled myself with this theory while I googled "average age for first gray hair." (It's 34, by the way, so I'm hoping mine was a fluke.)

But seriously, how utterly ridiculous! What a silly, trivial thing to freak out about. I'm editing this post a couple of weeks after the incident and frankly, I haven't thought about it since. Out of sight, out of mind! It's funny, the way we get so upset about these things when they're really just little blips.

If you've had your first grey, did you freak out about it too? Or did you take it in stride?