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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Prince Charmingly Delicious

As if we need another teaser for the warm, balmy days ahead, DKNY has created limited-edition summer versions of its Be Delicious and Red Delicious fragrances.

Be Delicious Charmingly Delicious and Red Delicious Charmingly Delicious are housed in new apple-juice inspired bottles with matching cell-phone charms. I don't like the bottles nearly as much as the smooth, apple-shaped originals, but I am a huge sucker for those cell phone charms.

Now, on to the scents! Be Delicious Charmingly Delicious takes the American Apple note of the original and brightens it up with "energetic solar freshness, dewy watery notes and a citrus shimmer." For me, this means that they've managed to remove the apple shampoo note that made this scent unwearable for me in the first place. With the added citrus notes, Be Delicious isn't as sweet - it's more reminiscent of apples coated with lemon juice, like before they go into a pie. I far prefer the Charmingly Delicious version to the original!

Red Delicious Charmingly Delicious, however, is another story. I rather liked the original, but this new version just isn't doing it for me, at least in the opening. It feels somewhat genericized, too close to every other fruity floral on the market. Notes include red fruits, apple, vanilla, rose and violet. Funny enough, the fruit disappears after about an hour and you're left with a drydown very similar to that of Bond No. 9 Bryant Park. So if you can tolerate the fruit in the opening, Red Delicious Charmingly Delicious improves considerably over a couple of hours.

The Charmingly Delicious collection will be available next month at department stores.