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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fekkai Wash & Wear Is Back!

Frederic Fekkai Wash & Wear has returned! Part of Fekkai's Summer Hair line, this instant shampoo spray disappears from shelves after Labor Day every year, and I'm always worried that it won't come back.

Spray it on dirty hair - especially the roots - let it dry, and then brush through. Wash & Wear ($22) restores quite a bit of freshness and volume on the days you just don't have time to shampoo. It's especially good for hot summer days (or on vacation) when you don't want to wash your hair before heading out to the beach. You're going to end up with sand, salt water and sunscreen in it anyway - might as well save the actual wash for when you get home.

Wash & Wear is one of my all time favorite summer hair products, so I'm excited to see it back in stock! Bonus? It protects hair from UV rays (so make sure to get some on your scalp, too).

The Summer Hair collection also includes 3 other products, including a frizz-fighting mist, a wave creating spray, and Sunshine Shield Spray, which I believe is the reincarnation of the fabulous Sun Bandana.