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Friday, May 30, 2008

Site Update: Subscribing via Email

Ayo technology!

Looks like my old email subscription service, Blogarithm, has been sold to RSSFWD. And the daily update emails from RSSFWD? Well, they suck. At least I think they do. They're poorly laid-out, don't show all the information, don't arrive regularly every day, and are just generally confusing.

So, I'm sorry to all of you who were using Blogarithm to track Beauty Addict updates and are now stuck with RSSFWD. There were about 1,000 of you, so I'd say this problem is not insignificant.

A much more elegant solution...Feedburner's email subscription service. It'll send you a daily update of all new Beauty Addict posts from that day (title and snippet) so you can see if there's anything you missed or that strikes your fancy.

Here's the link: Feedburner Email Subscription for Beauty Addict

You'll receive an email asking you to verify your request and email address. After that, you'll see an update in your inbox every morning when there are new posts.

And of course, you can always add Beauty Addict's feed to Google Reader, My Yahoo, or your favorite here for those options.

Thanks for hanging in there!