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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Tale of Two...Tinted Moisturizers

Testing out two new tinted moisturizers has made me feel terribly guilty about abandoning my beloved DuWop Revolotion, even for a few days. I really wanted to discover an alternative, just for fun, but both formulas left me totally underwhelmed.

Let's start with Smashbox Sheer Focus. It's oil-free and has UVA/UVB SPF 15, and it feels great on the face. For me, that's where the positives end. The formula is so thin and "loose" that after only two uses, there's excess moisturizer all over the cap. And on the face? Well, there's a reason it's called Sheer Focus. It gave me barely any coverage at all, and I ended up using quite a bit. It didn't really build at all, it just...disappeared.

If you're looking for something incredibly sheer, this might be for you, but then again, if you're looking for something this sheer, you might be better off with plain old moisturizer with sunscreen.

Stila SPF 30 Oil-Free Sheer Color falls squarely on the other end of the spectrum. It's thick, takes quite a bit of effort to blend, and leaves the face feeling heavy and made-up. 5% zinc oxide makes the formula too opaque and gives it a chalkiness that I just can't forgive. By the end of the day it felt more like a thick, cakey foundation than a tinted moisturizer.

So, it's back to the DuWop for me! I'll admit that the formula tends to separate a bit when you get to the end of the tube, but a little "smushing" before you open the cap usually does the trick. Other than that, it's still a perfect match for me. What's your favorite?