Teen Vogue May 2008: Ellen Page - Beauty Addict

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Teen Vogue May 2008: Ellen Page

Juno darling Ellen Page graces the cover of the May issue of Teen Vogue.

I'm really torn about this cover. I'm liking the faded, 1970's feel of the colors and the sun shining through Ellen's hair. I also like how she's not wearing a ton of makeup or posing provocatively - the way she looks here seems closer to her everyday self, and it sends more of a "normal" message about image to the mag's teenage readers.

But still, I feel totally underwhelmed every time I see Ellen Page. It would be nice to see her glam it up just ONCE, for fun. Maybe Teen Vogue isn't the appropriate medium for that, but still, it would be a nice change. I really loved her on the Vanity Fair Hollywood cover, but she was on one of the inner gatefold panels and really didn't get a chance to shine.

The girl has only been on the scene for what, a year? And I feel like she's already suffering from Jennifer Aniston syndrome. She looks the same every time we see her. I know she doesn't like to dress up and get into that whole scene, but there are still ways to have fun with your look while staying true to yourself.

That said, I really hate the top they chose for this cover. That is all.

What do you think? Utterly boring, or inspiringly real?