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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

99.44% Pure

There's been a trend in the perfume market these past few years toward scents that smell like soap; I suppose you could call them the anti-perfumes. CLEAN was a pioneer in this arena, but I always found their scents to be too harsh and strong, more chemical than soap. (Except for the hair fragrance. That was beyond awesome.) Also, $76 to smell like soap? I think not.

But if you must, there's a better option. mark Pure smells EXACTLY like Ivory Soap, without being too harsh or citrusy, and it costs $15. The lasting power isn't so great, but when layered with the matching Body Souffle, it sticks around much longer.

There's also a rather amusing Loofah Soap, which is, as the name implies, a small loofah wrapped in clear glycerin soap.

All three are guilty pleasures that smell like a clean baby and won't break the bank. In addition to the ridiculously inexpensive fragance, the Loofah Soap is $6 and the Body Souffle is $10. (Incidentally, the Body Souffle has the same exact texture as the icing on an Entenmann's Marshmallow Iced Devil's Food Cake, which earns it major points in my book).

For those who just can't go a day without fragrance, Pure is particularly well-suited for the very hottest days of the year, when you still want to wear something, but anything stronger would make you gag or pass out.

What's your take on these soapy scents? Tell me: