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Friday, June 20, 2008

Amp Up Your SPF Style: L'Occitane Sol do Brasil

I know all you L'Occitane addicts are going to go gaga over this one. The brand has just launched Sol do Brasil, a new suncare line, and not only are the products fab, the packaging is to die for. I have a few items from the collection and every time I use them, I put them back in their adorable little boxes. Usually I toss boxes in the recycling pile almost immediately, but I can't bear to part with these.

The eight-item Sol do Brasil collection has you covered this summer, from sunscreen to after-sun to self-tan. And all the products use some pretty nifty organic ingredients from Brazil. Read on:

  • Buriti Sun Protection uses a non-chemical UVA/UVB filter (titanium dioxide) and is enriched with oil extracted from the buriti palm tree. The oil, which is loaded with beta carotene, turns these creams and lotions a sunny yellow color (maybe not so good with your white bikinis), but also endows them with far more moisturizing power than your average sunscreen. Available in three formulations: SPF 6 Veil, SPF 15 Milk, and SPF 30 Cream.

  • Buriti Sunscreen Veil for Face (SPF 30): I'm staying away from the face version only because titanium dioxide sunscreens tend to clog my pores, but if you like non-chemical protection, this one's for you. It comes in a slim, petite pump bottle, perfect for tossing into your purse or beach bag for touchups.

  • Buriti Summer Oil is for body and hair, and uses the same orange-y buriti oil, giving it a bit of a carrot color. It's very fragrant, very floral, with just the tiniest undertone of that gorgeous L'Occitane Amande scent that we know and love. As a body oil, it's very moisturizing, a treat for dry summer skin. Just don't sit on your white couch after using it!As for hair...I love putting oil in my hair at the beach or when I'm otherwise in the sun for an extended period of time (as long as I don't care how my hair looks!). It's a great deep conditioning treatment and prevents your hair from getting crisped by the sun/wind/surf.

  • Cupuacu After Sun Balm uses vegetable butter extracted from the cupuacu fruit's seeds to moisturize skin after sun exposure or, really, any time. It looks thick but is actually pretty lightweight, and sinks into skin after about 2 minutes. The After Sun Balm has the same scent as the Buriti Summer Oil, only lighter.

  • Castanha Sunless Tanners use oil extracted from the castanha nut, packed with vitamins A, B, C, and E as well as the antioxidant selenium. There's a gradual tanner for the body that I haven't tried yet, but the face version is FAB. Castanha Face Sunshine Veil is a gradual tanner with a thin, milky formula. It doesn't clog my pores, doesn't smell totally obnoxious, and gives my face a believable glow in 2-3 applications. I put it on at night, nixing my usual AHA and BHA laden face products, which tend to counteract any effect the tanner might have.