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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cherry Ice Cream Smile, I Suppose It's Very Nice

OK, first things first. The Non-Blonde recently used the same post title for a completely unrelated product. Duran Duran fans, unite. Click here to read her post.

Now: Stila Cherry Crush Lip & Cheek Stain smells exactly like Marino's Cherry Italian Ice. It also makes you look like you've been eating one. This is enough to earn it a permanent spot in my summer makeup bag.

The funny thing about cherry ices was that you'd only get that ripe red color in the center of your lips. This, however, was easily remedied. Was I the only kid who used the little wooden spoon to "paint" the cherry ice on my lips to make it look like real lipstick? If you left it there for a few seconds, you could stain your whole mouth pretty accurately. I felt very glamorous riding my bike around the block sporting movie star red lips.

Now that I'm past the makeup-made-from-sugary-snacks phase, I'm happy to have something that creates the same effect in a more grown-up manner. Plus, the packaging is rather hard to resist, isn't it? So cute.

The Stila website mentions some crap about it "beautifully react[ing] to pH levels in your skin" to create a "personalized blush and pout." I thought for a moment that it was trying to pull a fast one on us, a la Smashbox O-Glow. If the product came out of the tube clear, I probably would have attempted to flush it down the toilet. You know how much I despise these "magic" marketing claims.

But thankfuly, Cherry Crush is pink out of the tube, looks pink on the lips, and builds up to cherry ice red if you use enough of it. I haven't used it on my cheeks yet, but it makes an excellent lip stain, either on its own or topped with lipstick or gloss. It has a gel texture that makes it far easier to work with than some other stains; I know a lot of you have complained about NARS stains, and this one is a lot more user-friendly.

If you want a Cherry Crush of your own, you can get free shipping on any Stila order that includes it. Just enter code CHERRYCRUSH at checkout!