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Monday, June 02, 2008

The Chronicles of No-nia: Week 1

I've been hinting at it for a while, and now it's finally time to get started on this review! I'm testing out that mysterious little hair removal gadget, the no!no!.

no!no! isn't a razor, and it isn't an epilator, either. It uses a thermodynamic wire (the "hot blade") to transmit a pulse of heat to your hair, destroying it. With a few weeks of use you'll start to see a reduction in hair density...keep using it and you may never have to pick up a razor again.

The no!no! doesn't promise instant results; you need to use it consistently (2-3 times a week) for at least several weeks, and you'll probably need to use a razor along with it for the first few weeks. But in the end, if the hair removal is near-permanent, it's worth it, right? I think so. It may be a little pricey at $250, but that sure beats multiple appointments with a laser or electrolysis technician...or your waxer.

So, does it work? I'm putting it to the test for 8 weeks and will update you every Monday on my progress. I started using it in earnest last night, and here are some initial thoughts:

The actual device is pretty small (smaller than a cell phone), but it isn't as "flat" as it appears in its promotional photos. It's actually quite thick, making it a little awkward to hold. I got used to it pretty quickly, although it just isn't very ergonomic.

The no!no! comes with 5 Hot Blades, 3 for stubble (under 1 mm in length) and 2 for longer hair. You pop in the Hot Blade, plug in the device, and glide it over clean, dry skin at a 90 degree angle. A green LED at the top of the unit will let you know if you're doing it right; if it's solid green, you're moving at the correct speed and angle. If it flickers or goes out, you need to adjust your technique. It took a while for me to get the hang of it, especially when navigating knees and ankles, but you'll be a pro after the first few passes.

OK, now comes the really bizarre part. As the no!no! treats your hair, you'll start to notice the most foul burning smell. If you've ever left a strand of your hair in the curling iron or flatiron too long, you're familiar with this peculiar odor.

I thought the unit was malfunctioning when first I smelt it; but alas, it was just my scrawny little leg hairs being, um, "crystallized," as the no!no! people say. This is one great reason to do your hair removal right before you shower; you certainly won't want to be smelling like burning hair all day. Even with the smell, though, treating hair with the no!no! doesn't hurt one bit. I was expecting some uncomfortable heat or at least the "snapping rubberband" feeling, but it didn't feel like much of anything.

After you're done going over your legs with the device, you'll still notice quite a bit of (albeit burnt) hair sticking around. This is where the buffer pad (included) comes in; you buff the skin and the treated hairs loosen up and come off. On my first use, the no!no! still left some hairs behind, but for me, it wasn't enough to warrant shaving afterward since my leg hair is fine and blonde. If you have dark or coarse hair, though, you may want to go over a few spots with a razor.

That's it for now. After one use, my legs are satifactorily soft and smooth, but who knows what tomorrow will bring. Will it grow back? Will it disappear? I'll be using the no!no! three times this week, and will report back next Monday on my progress, in the next installment of The Chronicles of No-Nia. Stay tuned!