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Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Collection: Dior Impression Cuir Fall 2008

OMG, another Fall collection...already? Seriously, I am not ready for this. Please, just let me enjoy these warm temps a little longer without having to think about blustery October days, early sunsets, and dark red lipstick!

Dior's Fall 2008 Collection, Impression Cuir, is...well, it's a little '80s, isn't it? The dark ruby lips and nails, the shimmery taupe and brown shadows, and that eye palette, they're totally the makeup that would be worn with a power suit (with shoulderpads, of course). Yes. Impression Cuir is the face of the high powered, power-suited, power-lunching '80s executive.

That's not to say I don't like it, though. I'm coveting that stamped crocodile eye palette, although if I had it I'd probably never use it - it would be one of those items I'd pull out to admire every once in a while. And I'm loving the nail polish -- now that, I'd wear.


  • Impression Cuir Eye Palette
  • 2-Colour Eyeshadow in Bronzy Look #695 and Silver Look #775
  • 5-Colour Eyeshadow in Earth Tones #673 and Iridescent Leather #539
  • Crayon Eyeliner in Iridescent Khaki #363


  • DiorSkin Poudre Shimmer in Copper Diamond #003
  • DiorBlush in Pink Copper #739


  • Creme de Gloss in Creamy Burgundy #735 and Delicious Plum #875
  • Rouge Dior in Western Beige #423, Pink Drama #559, Fantastic Plum #874, Fiction Brown #619
  • Ultra-Gloss Reflect in Lace Beige #587 and Lurex Plum #877
  • Dior Contour in Mythical Brown #713 and Mysterious Plum #988


  • Dior Vernis in Red Ebony #827 and Mystic Violine #987