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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Self-Tanner Review Series: Neutrogena MicroMist Sunless Spray

The first time I used Neutrogena MicroMist, I was on vacation in Puerto Rico with my girlfriends. I woke up early, put on my bikini and snuck stealthily onto our balcony with the little golden can.

I sprayed my entire body with this aerosol tanning mist and hoped for the best.

Nothing happened. Nothing. It was as if I had sprayed myself with water.

I tried again a few days later, this time holding the can closer to my skin. Got a tan that time, but it was uneven and splotchy; I could even see the little dots where droplets of tanner had touched my skin.

Third try, I learned that good results require holding the can close to your skin and rubbing it in after use. This is the problem I have with all these "airbrush" tanners; if you have to rub them in afterward, why not just use a lotion?

If you must go the airbrush route, try ModelCo Airbrush Tan in a Can. It's messy because it's tinted, but it's also easier because it's tinted - you can see where you've put the product and ensure it's even. That way you won't get a nasty surprise 8 hours later!

Overall, this is another one that has pretty much been rendered obsolete by the influx of new self-tanners; there are better formulas in both price and format. I wouldn't buy again. Onto the next one!