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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Four New Ways to Get Your Cashmere Mist Fix

I've mentioned before that Cashmere Mist fans can be totally rabid, sometimes even more so than Angel or Red Door fans. They hoard, they stockpile, they pledge their total allegiance to Cashmere Mist and will wear nothing else. In my last post I dubbed them the Cashmere Mafia. My friend K was one of them; in college she kept backup bottles of it stashed all over her dorm room.

Well, if you count yourself among the Cashmere Mafia, you're in luck -- four new Cashmere Mist products will be launching this summer.

Cashmere Mist Fragrance Body Powder (limited edition) is an ivory compact filled with pale, shimmering gold pressed powder. I was rather impressed with it, as I didn't think the powder would hold the scent very well; I was wrong. It's light enough to be dusted liberally over shoulders, legs and decolletage without overpowering, but it still envelops you in that unmistakable Cashmere Mist scent. $48, available in September.

The Cashmere Mist Candle (limited edition) is housed in a classic frosted glass jar and burns 36 hours. This one is exclusive to Nordstrom as part of its Anniversary Beauty Exclusives, and will be available this month for $25.

Cashmere Silk is my favorite of this new crop of goodies. It's a silky fragrance serum that you apply with a little dabber. It's a nice change of pace from your average spray EdP and feels quite lovely on the skin. Similar to the Chanel No. 5 Sensual Elixir. $70, available this month.

And finally, last season's limited edition Cashmere Mist Silky Body Creme is back. I wrote about this one back in January and really enjoyed the velvety, almost powdery finish it left on my skin. If you missed it last time around, don't wait -- it's limited edition again, of course. $55, available this month.