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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Home Fragrance That's Just Right

When it comes to home fragrance, I feel like Goldilocks. Reed diffusers are pretty, but tend to have poor throw. Room sprays don't last and need to be re-sprayed frequently...too much effort for me. Candles are nice, but require monitoring; I'm always worried about falling asleep or leaving the house without blowing them out. Where's my "just right?"

It would seem that some kind of safe, automatic delivery system would be the right idea, but things like Glade Plug-ins just seem so inelegant and tacky to me, and I tend not to like the scents. But wait, there's hope!

The Slatkin & Co. SCENTPORT Home Fragrance Diffuser is a sleeker, more elegant alternative that delivers more sophisticated scents throughout the day, and doesn't look like it belongs in a public washroom. Yes, it plugs into the wall like its drugstore cousin, but it's So. Much. Better.

I'm using the Lavender Chamomile scent, and every time I get home I just want to shout, "MY APARTMENT SMELLS AMAZING!!!" The neighbors would think I'm crazy, though, so I just settle for taking a deep sniff, smiling, and flinging myself onto the couch. Lavender Chamomile carries a big SLEEP label on it, and yes, those two scents are normally associated with sleep-related aromatherapy, but I put my Scentport in the living room and like it just where it is.

The Scentport is available in regular ($7.50) and Nightlight ($9) versions; I have the Nightlight. I plugged it in on the far side of my living room, somewhat out of sight behind the couch, and it provides just enough light to let me sneak in and grab a DVD or book when I can't sleep. The nightlight itself lasts up to 5 years, and it has a built in sensor that activates the light when the room is dark (although mine must be blind, because the light stays on all day).

Scentport refills are attractively priced at $12.50 for two (each lasts about a month), and are available in 16 varieties, ranging from Jasmine Vanilla to Cinnamon & Clove Buds. And you can get them at any Bath & Body Works!