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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Impulse Buying Strikes Again at Bath & Body Works

Sigh. So, as soon as I got my beauty mojo back, my computer up and BROKE. Like, blue-screen-of-death-broken. It's up and running today so, one more time, with feeling...I'm back!

Over the weekend I popped into a Bath & Body Works to pick up a fresh tube of one of my new self-tanner obsessions, Glow & Steady from the True Blue Spa line. And then a display of Lilliputian bottles with blue orbs floating in them caught my eye. What was this? Something new? I need it! (It's terrible. Every time I go in there I leave with something I never intended on buying.)

This new beauty toy is PocketBac, a purse-size version of B&BW's popular anti-bacterial hand gel. The 1 oz. bottle is seriously cute. And it's available in a host of scents, including Japanese Cherry Blossom, Coconut Lime Verbena, and several others.

At $1.50 a pop, these PocketBacs lend themselves nicely to impulse purchasing. I should know, since I walked out of the store with three of them! I have a serious hand-washing obsession, and when I can't get to a sink I get nervous. These PocketBacs will satisfy the urge, and they're tiny enough not to clutter even my smaller bags.

Right now all of them are available in-store, but the B&BW website is only showing a 5-pack, which includes Warm Vanilla Sugar, Sweet Pea, Sea Island Cotton, Unscented (boring), and my favorite Coconut Lime Verbena, for $7.50.

And if you can wait to get your hands on these, they're going on sale August 4! As part of the "Clean Hands" event, the PocketBacs can be yours for only $1 each. Beauty Addict decrees, a PocketBac for every purse!